Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lindsay Trudel.....putting stores out of business since 2011

Having successfully made it past the first quarter of my challenge, I was feeling pretty good about my progress but after a recent trip to Fourth Ave, I am feeling a little bit guilty! I think that my challenge has taken a toll on the retail industry of Vancouver.....
For the past few months I have taken the advice of the J sisters and avoided temptation as much as possible and for me, Fourth Ave is the ultimate test of will power so obviously I have tried to keep my distance.  Unfortunately my yoga studio is right in the heart of Kitsilano's shopping district and so, during my 40 day challenge it has been impossible to avoid. My solution? I never bring my wallet.....and I take an alternate route that doesn't take me past my favorite shops with their enticing window displays. Then one day I decided to test my impulse control and face Fourth Ave head-on......thinking "I can't do much damage without a wallet right?" Well it turns out my challenge has been doing a different kind of damage on Fourth Ave stores. No less than 5 stores that I used to frequent are now just empty storefronts. Is it my fault? Did I put these poor stores out of business with my resolution to stop shopping? Well.....maybe I am giving myself too much credit, but interesting coincidence no?



  1. I think it is such an awesome idea to leave your wallet behind. It's not even possible to have a temptation!

  2. Once our local goodwill was getting remodeled and it had newspaper all over it's windows so it looked like it was closing and my son said something to the effect that I wasn't shopping there anymore so they decided to just shut down. Kinda funny! Really good idea to go without your wallet :-)