Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Officially a thrifty Mom

Before we decided to start a family, my hubby and I made the decision to stay in Vancouver instead of moving to the 'burbs like a lot of our friends. I love that we don't need a second car and that I can walk to anything I need in 15 minutes!! There is so much to enjoy about Vancouver....the fabulous restaurants, take-out joints and (thanks to Eat St.) food trucks, BBQs on the beach, walking with a coffee along the seawall.....oh and of course the shopping....which makes it difficult to not put a dent in my maternity income, but I certainly couldn't live without the options I have here! But one of the best things about Vancouver is being so close to sports and concert venues. So when my lovely hubby came home with two tickets to the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer game two weeks after Alexis' birth....I said hey why not? After double checking that Alexis was actually free (yep...til she's two...score!!) and buying some earmuffs to protect our her sensitive hearing, we headed out on a family date night to the Whitecaps game! She was awake for exactly 15 minutes of the game and then she was out....fast asleep in Daddy's arms. I guess the earmuffs worked, but doesn't she know Beckham was playing?? She'll regret falling asleep when she's older I'm sure :) 
We got a few comments about how tiny she is and our seatmate asked if we came straight from the hospital!?! Some people even called us crazy....but we went with no expectations and the understanding that we may have to leave early. Thankfully Alexis was a dream baby and we had so much fun!! I am totally going to check into what other events we can get her into while she's still free.....hockey games, concerts, craft fairs, home shows....the possibilities are endless. Does this make me cheap? I prefer thrifty.....
♥ Lindsay


  1. That is EXACTLY something I would do with my newborn babies and I'm pretty sure people think I'm crazy. Once when my youngest was 6 weeks old we flew last minute across the country to Boston to visit friends. She was born 2 weeks after 9/11 and flights were cheap...and VERY safe. I'm glad you are enjoying her AND the things that make you...YOU!

  2. Oh she's SO CUTE!!!! You better try to get to Disneyland as many times as you can while she's free... I just told my friend today that we went to DL once right before Anya turned the age where they stop being free! (Is it 2?)

    1. Such a good call!! Will have to make the trip down to Cali while she's still free. Did Anya get a chance to enjoy it at that age?