Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine overload!

Is it just me or does February bring out the sappiness in everyone? With this months chapter being focussed on the power of love, I guess you could say that love has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks.  From Alexis' wardrobe to our crafting and my DIYing, let's just say that we have embraced love, hearts, kisses, hugs.....and all things pink and red! Thank you pinterest and instagram friends for all the inspiration. 

How cute is that sparkle heart shirt (from Target)?? And also I may have created a little modeling monster? I mean.... that pose when I asked her to show me her heart shirt....are you kidding me? Next stop Vogue, am I right? Haha.  The aqua shirt and the black leggings are not only super cute, but they are the easiest DIY projects you will ever do. We are talking less than 10 minutes and so simple they do not even require a tutorial. But just for fun here's one....
Step 1: Go to Michaels and buy iron on letters (I used transfermations)
Step 2: Follow the directions on the package iron on the letters to desired piece of clothing  in whatever layout you want.
That's it! I wanted to keep with the Valentine theme but also do something she could wear beyond this month. For the shirt I fancied up a $1.39 Old Navy tee ( 30% the lowest ticketed item I right?!?) and recreated the famous LOVE art piece.....tilted O and all. Then I was inspired by a photo on Haley Kjar's instagram feed where she made these tights for her little girl. She has a fabulous blog at you should totally check out called Life is Sweet. So I added a little kiss and hug to an old pair of Alexis' tights and brought them new life! I used the same package for both projects and I think with my 40% coupon it was something like $6 and I still have over 20 letters left. What to do next?!?

I found this great idea for using tissue paper and contact paper to make 'stained glass' hearts on Pinterest. The tissue paper sticks to the clear contact paper and my girl likes anything to do with stickers so she looooved this project. We literally made like 10 of these!! And on a side note, thank you Vancouver having such a beautiful sunset with pink hues to match Alexis' hearts....I mean really.... how perfect!?! 

 I found this little gem on Haley's blog that girl has some cute ideas! So cheesy, but that's what Valentine's Day is all about right? 

Today is not only Valentine's Day but also my loves birthday! He doesn't like when we this morning we exchanged Valentine's cards and a few small gifts....mostly chocolate, because we just know each other so well :) I also picked up this book at Chapters and I am so excited to start this Q&A a day with the hubby. It's 365 questions but you answer them 3 times over 3 years. It'll be cool to see how our answers change over time! They have these for kids too and I can't wait to start one with Alexis when she gets older. What a fun way to find out things about each other you may never think to ask. So fun right?! Then tonight we will celebrate Ty's 31st Birthday with steak and lobster dinner (at his request) and a nice bottle of wine, chocolate cake and maybe watch the Olympics or a few How I met Your Mother episodes on DVD. I know, it's a little crazy and super romantic.....that's just how we roll. And really.....that's what Valentine's Day is all about right? Chocolate and being with the people you love!

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into how the Trudel Family has been celebrating this month of love so far. Happy Valentine's Day!!
♥ Lindsay

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