Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are the shopping Gods trying to torture me?

Has anyone been out and about in Vancouver lately? I think that pretty much every one of my favorite stores have either a 70% off sale or 50% off of lowest ticketed price sale on now. Those are my favorite kind of sales! Well..... actually let's be honest, I love sales of any kind. However I recently learned that I may love sales more than most. I just took a quiz on the Smart Cookies website to see what kind of shopper I am. The choices are Slacker, Impulse, Zombie, Status, Yo-Yo or Sales spender ......and let's just say I fall mostly into the three latter categories. Well I am obviously a Yo-Yo spender, I am doing a "no-shopping" project for a year....enough said! I am also not afraid to spend money on designer items if I really love it, or it is an investment piece. But ultimately I am a sucker for a sale. I can't even count the number of times I have bought something because it is on sale. I didn't need it, nor did I really love it......but it was on sale! I am sure some of you can relate to this and you know that being a 'sales spender' goes hand in hand with buyers remorse. So maybe the shopping Gods aren't trying to torture me, but instead they are teaching me a lesson that shopping the sales won't save me money but being aware of what I need and only buying what I love sure will!
What kind of shopper are you? The Smart Cookies say that the best way to control your spending and experience less buyer's remorse is to know why you shop and how you spend your money. I know it sure was enlightening for me.....and actually motivated me to continue this challenge. I am sure that if I hadn't taken on this project I would have walked into those stores and bought at least one thing I would soon regret or didn't really need. So, instead..... I went for a run, called a friend and then blogged about it......who needs shopping?

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  1. Linds, this was just sent to me and I think I may be your favourite person because of it. Coming up this April

    Check it out! And if you decide you're going bring me with you.