Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting crafty

Some days I 1 month down and only 11 to go, I am feeling pretty good, really not finding it that difficult and completely confidant that I can do it......but there are other days when I become very aware of the fact that 1 month into this challenge is like a drop in the ocean and I start to wonder... can make it 11 more months? Then, I remember that just because I can't shop doesn't mean that I have to deprive myself of having anything new this year......I can simply get crafty and make myself something! I am going to try and do this once a month, to try and satisfy cravings for something new while also focusing on doing the things I love like crocheting, sewing or jewelry making which totally fits with this project perfectly! I want to start off small with making accessories and then as the year goes on maybe I will get more ambitious and try to make my own clothing (emphasis on the word TRY.....I make no promises about the quality). I figure one item month is good because I don't want to become so obsessed with making more things that I forget the other part of my challenge which is to appreciate what I have!

Jillian wearing the Stella and Dot turquoise earrings
January's gift to myself was something I have been lusting after for over a year......this amazing pair of turquoise earrings that Jillian Harris wore on the Bachelorette. Cute... right?

Thanks to the Possessionista ( I know exactly where I could find them (stella and dot), but having made jewelry for years I am unwilling to pay $30 for anything that I feel I could make myself for waaay less! So I headed into the bead shop and bought the materials to make them for just $9 (for the record this is not cheating because these are raw materials, not accessories).
turquoise earrings by Lindsay Trudel 
And so, I give you my first gift to myself.....slightly different than the ones Jillian wore.... but still a totally cute pair of turquoise earrings made by yours truly! I had forgotten how much more satisfying it is to make something, than to buy it in a store. I have bought accessories in stores almost without thinking because it is so quick and easy.....only to regret the purchase later. On the other hand, making an item requires planning as well as time and effort, therefore I appreciate it so much more in the end. I am proud my knock-off turquoise earrings and I am excited to tackle another project for next months gift!


  1. Ohhh Lindsay!! I love those earrings!! Nice work!!

  2. "Matthew" means Jillian :) haha, we share an email account and it must only be under his name...he usually doesn't get this excited about earrings :)

  3. Haha that's so funny! I saw this and wondered who Matthew was and why he cares so much about my new earrings....weird. But now I get thanks Jill, glad you think they are cute too!

  4. Good job, I love the earrings!

  5. I think the only way I survived last year was by my crafting projects. Good job!!!