Monday, May 9, 2011

Forget's all about the SWAPPING SPREE!!

This past weekend I hosted my very first clothing swap and the result was amazing! I felt like I was shopping with all my girlfriends AND I got the benefit refreshing my wardrobe without spending a penny. We made an evening of it.... drinking wine, eating yummy appies while trying on clothes and swapping the night away! By the end of the night, no one walked away empty-handed and I think we all were happy with our newly-aquired treasures.....but NO ONE was happier than me. From Summer weddings to Christmas parties...there is still a lot of time left this year and that means many more events to attend....and I definitely don't want to be tempted to buy a new outfit like I may have in past years! Although I have been doing really well on this no-shopping project, I must admit it was very grateful to  add a few new pieces to my wardrobe....including an amazing new dress for an upcoming wedding. Now I don't have to wear the same dress to all the weddings I am attending this year! So because I have been busy these past two months and because I got so many amazing pieces I think that I will consider the clothing swap my April AND May gift to myself.
Here are some highlights from the evening.

My 'store' for the evening

Jac's 'store'.....

and Jac 'swapping' at my store

I think Jill found a dress she likes!

And so did I!
What a great was like it was made for me and is perfect for the wedding I am going to this weekend.

In case you couldn't tell.....I really love this dress! 
Wine and swapping are the perfect combo

Cashmere sweater, two tank tops, a scarf, Lululemon running shorts and two beautiful dresses. I think that qualifies as a  pretty successful swapping spree.

Thanks to all my girls for coming out to a great evening and I hope you are all as happy with the new additions to your wardrobe as I am with mine!

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  1. Awesome! We've been struggling to pick a date for our clothing swap this year...seriously like 3 months of booked solid weekends between the 3 of us. You got some great stuff!!!