Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back....did you miss me?

Hello friends!
So you may have noticed, it has been awhile since I have posted.....this time the excuse for my absence was a fabulous trip to.....drum roll please....Alberta!! I know, I know... not the most exciting place in the world to travel to (no offense to the Albertans out there) but for my husband and I the draw was not for the scenery but for the people. Where we come from in the sunny Okanagan., it seems that the trend after high school is to head west to Vancouver (like we did) or make the move to either Calgary or Edmonton where the jobs are abundant and cost of living is much more affordable.  So when it comes to milestone events like weddings and babies it can only mean one thing......road trip!

First stop was the wedding of a high school friend of my husband's in Calgary. It was such a beautiful wedding and we were so glad to be able to make it. Of course I was also excited for the opportunity to wear my beautiful blue dress from the clothing swap.

I just missed the dip in this pic...but I still love the expression on their happy! 
Congratulations Chelsea and Cory

Next stop was Edmonton to visit my bestie Erin and her family, as well as Tyler's sister Michelle and her boyfriend Mike. We stayed at the lovely Chateau Crawford where the coffee was lovingly prepared every morning by a delightful 3 year old named Jade (Erin's middle child)....sooo cute! 

While the two older kids provided mud pies..... 

baby Leighton provided the cuddles....and what good cuddles they were!

I think somebody fell in love a little bit (does it look to anyone else like Tyler is sniffing in the baby smell?
They became fast friends and I am not sure who will miss the other more.

I guess I may have also fallen hard for this little guy.....but what's not to love?

We were also invited to a front yard pool party where we were entertained by the antics of the neighbourhood children.  

Watch out! Who gave that girl a water gun??

  The kids had a water ballon fight, loaded, unloaded and reloaded their water guns and splashed the day away in the blow up pool and slide while the adults relaxed and enjoyed the sun on the porch.....

 We even found a way to include baby Leighton in the fun.....but big brother Kohen was close by to make sure he was ok. Ahhh.... brotherly love begins so young!

Side note: If you can believe own husband dragged me to the mall! Not just any mall, but the famous West Edmonton Mall (aka: Ultimate Torture for Lindsay and her challenge!). I really think he was trying to break me, afterall he predicted I would only make it until February at the latest. I am not going to lie.....there were a lot of temptations around every corner and while Tyler shopped I spent a good portion of time watching the Sea Lion show, but I was able to remain 'relatively' true to my challenge. As it turns out, there was a Victoria's Secret and since it is one of only a few in Canada I couldn't resist taking a peek. Well, that little peek may or may not have resulted in a purchase by Tyler and that purchase may or may not have been two new bras for his lovely wife.
Presents from your husband definitely DO NOT count! Loophole #2 :) Don't worry though....I am still committed to this project and I will not being making a habit of using this loophole!

As our visit came to a close and we headed out on the long journey from Edmonton to Vernon I took some time to reflect on the week. We finally got to meet Michelle's boyfriend and Tyler was able to give his brotherly approval. I got some much needed quality time with my bestie....even if we had to stay up until 3am to get it. But most of all this trip reminded me what really matters in my life......the people I love! With three kids running around, it wasn't exactly what I would call a relaxing vacation
(I don't know how you do it everyday Erin) and there were lots of interrupted conversations but all-in-all it was a wonderful visit and I am so glad we made the trip.

Here are a few shots of the beautiful drive....

Our final stop was my hometown of Vernon to see my parents perform in a local production of the broadway musical "The Producers".
My mom, my dad and my sister Shauna sang, danced and performed their hearts out. It was wonderful, entertaining and I am so proud of them!

It is always nice to go back to your hometown and I am so glad it worked out that we could get a little visit in with the family as well as support them by attending their show that they have worked so hard on for the past few months. just can't beat the view!

My parents backyard view

Now it's back to work and back to reality......but let's be honest our reality is not too shabby either....

                             's good to be back in Vancouver.

Thanks for bearing with me in this 'supersize' post!

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