Thursday, July 7, 2011


 As you may or may not know, one of the goals of this project was to stop shopping and start other words... prioritizing my spending on experiences and making memories not on material things. Well friends....if you know me at all, then you know that I love a good musical! I have seen Showboat, Phantom of the Opera and Cats (twice) in Toronto and been to many shows in Vancouver, but bucket list item #17 was to see a musical on Broadway in New York, NY and in fact it was one of the main reasons for our trip to NYC in 2008 (the other was bucket list item # 36: skating in Rockefeller Centre beneath the Christmas tree in December). The show I had wanted to see for as long as I can remember was Lion King, but I had also heard amazing things about the musical do you choose between those? In my don't! My wonderful husband (whose bucket list does NOT include a Broadway musical....if you were wondering) agreed to go to one show with me and because he is not really a Wizard of Oz fan like myself he decided he would probably enjoy The Lion King much more. So two tickets to Lion King and a single seat for Wicked it was! Both nights were amazing for different The Lion King I got to share an experience I had dreamed of for so long with the man I love and see a show that is a true masterpiece....the costumes, the familiar songs and the fabulous cast...outstanding for sure! On the other hand I went to Wicked alone, not knowing the story or any of the songs and having no idea what to expect.....well, I was blown away. It was by far the most incredible show I have ever seen! The only thing missing was that I had no one to share it with, so I vowed that if it ever comes to Vancouver or Seattle then I would see it with my friends....and really anyone who would agree to come with me!  In September 2009, I saw it for the second time with my husband, my mom, my dad and my brother and sister in Seattle. It was a Broadway Across America production that did not disappoint, and my family loved it was well. My husband likes to say it is his second-favorite musical he has ever seen....I  guess he made the right choice to see Lion King not Wicked in New York :) It was great to be able to share it with them, but there was still something missing.....I hadn't seen it with my favorite musical obviously I stayed on the lookout for the Broadway Across Canada production to come to Vancouver. Finally in June 2011, Wicked landed at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver and I went....yes...for the third time, but this time with a great group of girlfriends who love a good musical just as much as me, including my favorite musical buddy Jessie!

It was a wonderful evening and to make a long story short, it definitely added another wonderful experience to the memory jar....and I didn't even need to buy a new outfit, I just repurposed a floral dress into a shirt that I wore with my favorite little black skirt and patent pumps to create a cute outfit for dinner and a show!
Here are me and Jessie posing in our pretty outfits....

and then having a little fun with the Wicked poster.
We are the spitting image of Elphaba and Glinda, don't you think? :)


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