Saturday, November 12, 2011

I think this no-shopping project has made me a better wife

No really...hear me out! My hubby has been whining about how he is so sick of his wardrobe and he hates nearly all his clothes...blah, blah, blah. Cry me a river! I mean I love you babe, but forgive me if my first response to your new found wardrobe woes was not a sympathetic one. Once I got past the initial disbelief that he was coming to me (the girl who hasn't shopped in A YEAR!!) to complain about how badly he needs to go clothes shopping and resisted the instinctive "woe is me"...."You think you need to go shopping....what about me??" sort of responses I snapped back into loving wife mode and instead offered to take him shopping. We talked about what he doesn't like about his wardrobe, decided what he needs most and made a list of items to look for on our little expedition. There was quite the role reversal on our trip to the mall....instead of me leading and him following, my hubby lead the way to all his favourite stores and for once I was the one waiting attentively outside the change rooms ready to give my honest opinions and help with decisions etc. However, there was one role that I always stay true to on any shopping expedition...whether I am shopping for me, my husband or.....anyone for that matter I am forever the savvy shopper!! I helped him find great deals at stores he wouldn't normally set foot in and saved him $50 with my bargain-hunting skills. See aren't I such a great wife?? A totally selfless shopping trip....well mostly selfless at least....I did make a few mental notes for items to add to my 2012 wishlist....hey I didn't say I was perfect! I am still holding to my statement that this no-shopping project has made me a better wife or at the very least a more attentive shopping partner :)

New Additions to the 2012 Wishlist:

Chunky Knit Sweater

Adorable Minnetonka Moccasins!!

Lululemon Gratitude Wrap- perfect for apres yoga. Cozy!
These are the comfiest runners I have ever put on my feet! 

♥ Lindsay

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