Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick,Easy and pretty DIY Coat rack

So I made this little gem in December and didn't even think to blog about it until a little birdie told me I should...thanks E :) 

I wanted a cute way to display Alexis' coats but I really wanted something that would match her existing decor. 

I know, I does she have a decorating scheme if she doesn't have her own room?!? Well as it turns out the nesting instinct doesn't go away just because you don't have a space to 'nest in'....sooooo around this time last year I made a couple of art pieces to customize Alexis' corners of our tiny space like this and this. Then when she has her own's instantly decorated! 

I came up with this idea of covering a piece of wood with fabric as a super easy way to make a coat rack that matches her fabric canvasses. Initially I thought I would buy a piece of wood, some hooks and some screws, then use some of the leftover fabric I have hanging around, but it actually ended up being cheaper to buy an existing wall hook kit like this one. I got it on sale at home depot for $8 and it ended up working out perfectly because it was the right size and number of hooks I needed but if you need something larger or smaller with more or fewer hooks etc and you can't find a kit that works then then buying the parts separately is definitely the way to go! So once I had the kit I was able to whip this baby up in about 15 minutes with only a few materials. Like I's quick, easy and pretty! 

Here's what you need:

  • Wall hook kit (or a piece of wood in the size you need, hooks and screws, plus some drywall screws for securing rack to the wall)
  •  Material (enough to cover the piece of wood with some space to wrap and secure on the back....about an inch is enough)
  • Screwdriver
  • Staple gun or heavy duty stapler (depending on how hard the wood is....I used a regular stapler and it worked just fine!)

Remember how easy I said this was? Well there are literally 3 steps....

1. cover piece of wood like you are wrapping a present and staple on the back all around the perimeter of the wood to secure the fabric. 

2. take the hooks and place them evenly spaced across your piece of wood on the fabric covered side and use screw driver to attach them

 3. secure panel to the wall using drywall screws, hang your coats and you're done!

The beauty of this project is that the fabric possibilities are endless and if you choose not to use a kit then you are not limited by size or shape! Rounded edges would be more difficult to cover but not impossible, so you can let your creativity run wild.....make a square or a diamond or even get a simple wooden letter from your local craft store and cover that. Add a hook or even a pretty door pull (Anthropologie has some beautiful ones) and you have a fabulous custom wall hook for coats or towels. 
Now to tackle Alexis' growing shoe collection.....
♥ Lindsay

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