Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hair and there: DIY headbands galore!

Since my baby girl was blessed with such a fabulous head of hair, I have been challenged to find cute ways to keep it under control and out of her pretty face! At only 10 months old, I have already cut her hair 3 times. Her bangs grow so dang fast, I have cut those twice (before realizing that if I keep cutting them, she will have bangs and I am not sure I want that yet)....and now we are pinning them. As for her mullet-turned-rattail; I recently gave up hope that it would ever find a way to blend in with the rest of her hair and finally trimmed that too. 
I was kind of sad to cut her precious baby hair, but I had to go!

But even with the absence of her unfortunate rat tail, I am afraid her need for hair management has only just begun. She has her Daddy's cowlick and I have been noticing lately that her hair is getting more of my signature 'wave' (aka....frizzy mess that I can't control without product and a lot of time and effort) when it's wet. 
A little gift from your parents to you. You're welcome. So all I can say is....T.G.F.P.
Thank Goodness for Pinterest. Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest. You really can find anything on there....including what seems like an endless number of DIY tutorials for adorable headbands and hair pieces for little girls. And as long as Pinterest is around, I am sure Alexis will be able to find new and fabulous ways to embrace whatever hair challenges she's been dealt. Until then.....I get to make her pretty things to put in her hair. 
Here are a few of them on my sometimes patient and sometimes reluctant model. 
Overboard? Maybe. 
Cute? Definitely
The pink crocheted headband in photo #2 is my own design and it's super simple. See below for instructions. 
Here are the links to the tutorials for the black turban style headband the braided headband (in lower 3 photos). These literally take 3 minutes each, so it's easy to see why I made 1 in every colour and colour combination with the material I had sitting around. 

As for the two styles of floral headbands, check out my lovely friend Jill's blog for a fabulous tutorial that you can follow and make in any fabric combination you can think of! Thick or thin band in lace, jersey, tulle and more....each one gives the headband a different feel. The best part is that you probably have all the materials you need for this one lying around your house.....especially if you make use of this genius idea from Alisa Burke's blog. Look closely at the pink floral head band in photo #6 above. It's the waistband of an old pair of Alexis' pants that she grew out of! Turns out that the elastic waistband of your baby's pants just happens to be the same size of your baby's head!! 
Coincidence? I think not.  

As you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing your baby girl.....and I find it hard to stop I probably won't. Up next; hair clips, barrettes and pony tail holders. Oh my!
♥ Lindsay 

Instructions for the crocheted bow headband: 
*disclaimer....I am by no means a professional pattern writer so hopefully this makes sense*
1. Using size 7 or 4.5mm hook chain until you can wrap it around the head of the desired wearer. This will be the band part. Remember it does have a bit of stretch to it so make sure it's not too loose to start out. Mine was about 60 chains for my 10 month old. 
2. single crochet in each chain across (60 sc). Turn and repeat. I only did 3 rows but you can keep going until you reach desired thickness.
3. For the bow, chain 10. (row 1) Then turn and sc 10 across (row 2). Repeat for next 4 rows and you should have 6 rows total. End product ressembles a rectangle. 
4. To make it look more rounded you can now single crochet in each of the 10 sc, then 6 sc up one side, 10 sc then 6 more sc up the other side (basically just sc around the whole rectangle)
5. Find the middle of your rectangle and wrap with yarn to gather it into a bow. Fasten.
6. Attach one end of your band to the back of the bow using a slip stitch. Then attach the other end in the same way and voila. You have an adorable bow headband. Hopefully.

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