Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giving up.....

But wait, it's not what you think! Don't worry. I am still fully committed to the stop shopping and start living project....actually I might even say that it has been pretty effortless so far (once I got over the initial hump of course). So what am I giving up on? "The White Bone". It is March's book club selection and it is.....well, let's just say....not my cup of tea. This book is about elephants, from the perspective of elephants....weird, yet kind of intriguing, but as I started reading I must say I didn't really love it. Just like my Dad's fave t-shirt many books, so little me this means, don't waste time reading books you don't love. I gave it the 'Oprah recommended' 100 page try, wasn't into it....moving on....please don't judge me. Guess I will get an early start on April's selection.


  1. OH Lindsay! You scared me! Glad you're not GIVING UP!

  2. Haha....I know! I couldn't resist messing with everyone just a little bit :)