Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shopping my closet for Spring Trends

I don't know about any of you, but for me, there is something about Spring that just screams... shopping! And it's not just because I am deprived right now and everything 'screams' to me :)
Spring is the time of new life, new beginnings.....and new clothes. Right? Are you with me?
Picture this......the weather warms up, the colours of Spring surround you and sales signs pop-up in all your favorite if that doesn't make you want to freshen up your current wardrobe.....then you are crazy!! Talk about if the arrival of a new season isn't enough, my latest daily report from Rachel Zoe reminded me of all the wonderful Spring trends that I will not be able to participate in this year. Or so I thought.....
As I was browsing through the Electric Spring Brights that Rachel recommends, I did a mental inventory of my existing wardrobe and realized that I actually have a lot of the pieces already! So, obviously I went shopping in my closet for cute and easy ways to brighten up my basics without spending a penny!
I discovered that I had 7 items out of the 20 Rachel listed.....that is an impressive 35%!
Then....because I was bored.... I decided to do a little photo shoot to show you what I found.
Check out these *AMAZING* shots and I hope you like my ideas!

Rachel Zoe's 'Bright Ideas for Spring' .............and my version 

Cool Clutch

       Turquoise Gems

My fave coral pink clutch (Feet First)  and giant turquoise cocktail ring (Aldo) totally brightens up my plain white tee and dark jeans!

Fun Shades

Purple ray-ban style sunglasses 
($5 from Garage)....I broke out of my black, white or metallic rut for a less practical (but more fun) pair of shades.   

Coloured Skinny Jeans

I found these Volcom Skinny jeans 

last summer for $10. 
Why did I buy red jeans? Duh....they were $10!
Have I worn them? Sadly.... no. I thought I was daring enough, but have you seen how bright they are? However, this year is about breaking out of my comfort zone bring on the red jeans!

Graphic Scarf
As you can tell, I really like telling the price of things.....but it's only because I LOVE a great deal. Speaking of great deals.....did I mention that this scarf was $3!!! So cute right? And a perfect way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit.

Statement Necklace

Bold Belt

Wearing the same white tee and dark jeans that has been the staple of each outfit, I added a multi-strand beaded necklace in a fun turquoise colour (from American Eagle) and a coral skinny belt (from Urban Outfitters) to make it feel a bit more 'Springy'. It may not seem like much.....but not bad for making do with what I already have!

* Since sarcasm is often lost in written form....I wanted to clarify that, I know these shots are far from amazing. I am neither a model nor a photographer... but hey....I had fun ok!?!*

So, the moral of this story is......don't just go shopping when a new season rolls in because you feel the need to fill your wardrobe with the hottest your closet first and you just might find that you can make it work with what you have. And if you do decide to go shopping outside your closet I just have one favor to something in my honour :)



  1. I have red jeans... though, they are more of a wine/burgundy colour. We should have a red jean day at work, just the two of us...maybe.
    Also, you use the "..." triple period pause a lot...its catchy...

  2. Yes Arthur I do enjoy the triple period...I find that it adds a conversational quality to my posts...No? :)

    Thanks Jessica! I hope your projects are going well. The no buying month is almost over right? How did that go?

  3. Great post! Its always wonderful to unearth something cute you forgot you had!

  4. You should give the red jeans a try--that shade of red is very in this spring. My evidence: the window display in Jacob. ;)