Saturday, March 12, 2011

The key to my success so far? Too busy to even think about shopping

I recently noticed that I have been very neglectful of this blog.....but it has been for good reason, I promise! Not only has keeping busy made this project so much easier but also, I wouldn't really have anything to write about if I was just sitting at home all the time. First of all, I want to show off my February gift to cute pink toque!

Now, did I need a pink toque? No, not really....but I didn't have to buy any yarn because I had it at home and I really wanted to get back into crocheting before I started making things for other people (like booties for my friends' new baby.....will post pic of those as soon as they are finished). So consider a practice piece for future crocheting items!

You may remember that one of the motivations for this challenge was to stop spending my money on stuff so that I had more to spend on experiences. So finally after paying off my credit card from the last shop of 2010 I am now able to start doing fun things like play football, go snowboarding and take on yet another challenge.....the 40 Day Yoga Challenge.
Yep, that's right....last week I joined a ladies flag football team and let me tell you, I am not great....but it sure is fun! I admit I was worried at first whether I could throw a football, but as it turns out I really know nothing about football, because at my first practice I learned that I don't ever need to throw it......just catch it, run and don't let anyone take my flag. Ok..... I thought...... this football thing might be easier than I expected. Then, I tried to catch the ball while running. Hmmm...not so easy after all, but it was my first practice so I will only get better as the season continues. Well, hopefully.
I also hit up ladies night at Seymour Mountain with my friend and although it was superbusy we had a beautiful night and it was tons of fun. Did you know that ladies ride free at Seymour on Monday nights from 6-10pm? Such a great way to start the week off!
I have also decided that 2011 must be the year of the challenge because I decided to try the 40 Day Yoga Challenge starting on March 13. The idea of the challenge is yoga once a day for 40 days straight, however, sticking to it for the whole time.....not so simple. According to the website;
"Yogic science confirms that it takes 40 days to fully develop a new life-promoting habit or to drop a current destructive habit. The Semperviva Challenge is a great way to strengthen the body, unburden the mind, and begin a daily commitment to yourself." 
So I am really hoping that it I can stick to it because those of you who know me well, know that my mind would certainly benefit from a little 'unburdening', as they call it. Wish me luck!


  • Side note: If it takes 40 days to develop or drop a habit.....with this logic, wouldn't that mean that I have already dropped the shopping habit (or developed the no-shopping habit.....depending on how you look at it)? Clearly, the rest of the year should be smooth sailing.....well, that's what I will tell myself anyway!


  1. I went and bought things today... things that I didn't need. Sigh...

  2. I did the 40 day yoga challenge That started October 30th. I didn't think sticking with doing it every day would be easy, either, but it was! Turned out to be way easier than I thought. And I felt so amazingly good at the end of it! If I was in town and not in Australia right now, I'd totally be doing this round of challenge. Good for you!