Saturday, December 17, 2011

More crafting...

So this project was not inspired by a craft fair, but it was something that I saw on Jillian Harris' design blog last year that I have been lusting after ever since! 
This fabulous pillow by Sugarboo from The Cross Design and Decor retails for over $100, but my version looks just as good (if I do say so myself) and I made it for under $10!! 

Neutral Coloured fabric (preferably with a bit of texture)- Free from a friend
Paint- Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paint in Vanilla Bean $5.99
Alphabet Stencils- $1 at Dollarama (plus they are sticky and about a deal!!)
Pillow Form- 99¢ in the As-is Department at Ikea
Stenciling Sponges- $1 for a package of 4 at Dollarama

I made the actual pillow case first and then turned it inside out and started stenciling.

I used masking tape to keep it straight and measuring tape to make sure that it was spaced out evenly....worked out pretty well I think. The key was having adhesive was much easier without having to hold it in place.

I even added a little heart shaped patch that I stitched on with brown thread.....

And I also made the pillow two-sided because I couldn't decide which phrase to use. So on one side I did exactly like the original pillow (as above) and the other side I added a personal touch by using part of our wedding vows....'my hand, my heart, my love'. I thought since the pillow would be on our bed that it would be acceptable to get a little sappy :)

And voila....the final product in its rightful place on our bed. I think it matches the bedding nicely and freshens up the look of the throw pillows that I made ages ago and was starting to get sick of! (PS....LOVE my new iphone and the instagram app)

So the moral of the story is....never pay retail for something you can make yourself. 
Happy crafting!
♥ Lindsay

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