Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks Jill for saving my challenge!

So close to the end of the year I thought that the last few weeks of my project would be a breeze to get through....well turns out I had forgotten about....the Holiday Party!  Yep, that means there was one last test of my willpower, and let me tell you, it was a BIG one. You should have heard the thoughts that ran through my head to try and rationalize buying a new outfit for my husbands' Christmas party! The dominant one being; "If I bought something now, I would have made it over 11 months and that is pretty darn impressive". I even considered the fact that I could buy something and no one would have to know.....and that is the thought that snapped me back into reality. If I gave in now, what would have been the point of the past 11 months? So I vowed to find another way, and came up with three options. 

1. I could wear something I already own. Now, this posed a problem because Ty's co-workers have seen all my dresses at some point. Between weddings and previous holiday parties, I have worn every dress/fancy outfit to some event or another throughout the past 5 years. Chances are they would never remember, but I just couldn't do it!
2. I thought about making something, but who has the time for that at this time of year....especially with all my other crafting projects on the go. 
3. Borrow something from a friend. Now this is a good option, because most of my friends are my size (ish) and I know that a lot of them have waaay more fancy clothes than I I put out the call for a fabulous, holiday party worthy dress to wear for the evening! 

And this was the result....
I got to wear an adorable dress that I didn't have to spend money on (and probably never wear again) AND I didn't have to give up on my project so close to the end!! 
This was a great reminder that I don't always have to run out and buy something new for every event....sometimes it's a good idea to embrace your inner-thriftiness and use other resources (such as your friends' wardrobe) to look fabulous, without spending a dime!

Thanks saved my challenge :)

 ♥ Lindsay

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