Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review 2011

As my year of no shopping comes to a close, I have mixed feelings about it, which is totally unexpected!! Although I am excited and proud to have accomplished such a feat (Yay!!).... I am also a little sad! 
Over the past few days, I went through my entire blog (side note: not as many entries as I had originally intended....goal for next year maybe?) and it reminded me what a wonderful year 2011 has truly been. 
I will always remember 2011 as the year I.....

I played football, fell back in love with yoga, read more, spent more time with friends,  and just did more of the things I enjoy.

There were many obstacles in this year-long project and I found ways to overcome....or in some cases found ways around.... and in the process I learned a lot about myself.

Whether to spice up my wardrobe or just for various craft projects this past year reminded me how satisfying it is to start with just raw materials and end up with something really beautiful. This year for sure renewed of my passion for crafting!

This year was full of travel near and far! 
From short little getaways for birthdays and yoga retreats, to road trips for weddings and to see friends, family etc and then of course there was our fabulous trip to Peru to celebrate five wonderful years of marriage.....I have definitely been spoiled this year in the travel department. I have created memories I won't soon forget!!

How could I not? Look what I have accomplished this year!! They say there is a link between challenge and happiness because it reminds you that you aren't done....there is always more to explore and learn about yourself and life. Although it was not the goal of this project to become a happier person, I think throughout the process of rediscovering things I enjoy, learning to be more grateful for everything I have and focusing on experiences not stuff.....
I did end up having a pretty happy year!! 

I guess there is a reason all those project bloggers out there, like the J Project girls keep going back for more! From a year of not buying anything new in 2010, to a new project a month for 2011 and now starting in 2012 finally getting to that list of things you want to do in life by creating and working their way through a 30 before 30 list. Phew! 
Well I am hooked too....and so obviously there will be a new challenge in 2012 for the onelifetolove project so stay tuned for more details!
♥ Lindsay

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  1. Good job!! I knew you could do it!!! You will have to share your first shopping experience with us all, I am curious about how you like/dislike it. Looking forward of new adventures for us all!