Friday, February 24, 2012

#2....✔ and boy does it feel good!

Is it too soon to be nesting? When there is something that needs to be done I usually like to get down to it and not stop until it's done but this urge to prepare our house for baby has become even stronger now that I am almost 5 months pregnant! So I think that nesting instinct has definitely kicked in and has made me even more obsessed with starting and finishing a task as quickly as possible. I have always been the type of person that comes home from a trip and immediately unpacks, starts a load of laundry and then goes grocery shopping to restock the fridge with food.....I have also been know to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning on moving day so that I go to bed with everything in place and wake up feeling settled and at home. I guess I really like to limit the time that my life is in chaos so if the task involves ripping the house apart, organizing and rearranging then it needs to be done all at list item #2 for example! I have been itching to organize our storage room and filing nightmare corner for months and finally one weekend I just couldn't wait any longer and I just had to get it done. All weekend long my husband and I purged, sorted, rearranged the house, shopped for storage containers and organized.....I think I drove Ty crazy (he was so busy with school I am sure this was the last thing he wanted to be doing) and I definitely overdid it (I was in bed by 8 on Monday night and my back was aching for 2 days)....but boy does it feel good now that it's done!!! 

Before: In all the chaos I forgot to take a before picture of the filing nightmare corner....but picture 3 file boxes jammed to capacity stored inside an old tv stand with our phone on top and pens, papers and other miscellaneous items strewn about. 

After: So we got rid of the file boxes and tv stand and got a real grown up filing cabinet....
I  streamlined the computer desk area, organized all our office and art supplies and  finally put up our degrees that we had framed over a year ago! And......Voila.....
from filing/office nightmare corner to our fabulous new, organized 'office space' in the corner of our living room. I love it!!! 

Before: Our storage room in a nutshell? A mess!!! 
From snowboards, golf clubs and two sets of hockey equipment, to camping gear and luggage....not to mention Christmas decor, crafting supplies, yarn, material, purses, shoes and coats....phew! Where do you put it all? You jam it in the storage room of course......and this is the result of that 'solution'!! Not exactly a thing of beauty right?!?

After: With a few purchases like a new shelf and some storage containers, a little bit of purging and a lot of organizing....we were finally able to create a much more usable ( can now easily go in and out to access the items in it) storage room! 

 Is it just me or does organizing not give you the most satisfying feeling ever!?! This was a BIG list item and it feels so good to check it off!

♥ Lindsay

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