Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amendment to my list

So I came across this list of 15 things to do before baby according to The Nest Website and thought it was worth checking out....just to see how many things I have already done, or how many I can still accomplish etc. 

I was happy to see that there were plenty of items like Road Trips, Boozy Lunches with friends, being the last to leave a party and taking a Wine Tour that I had already checked off (what kind of Okanagan girl would I be if I hadn't been on my fair share of wine tours right!?!). Others would be entirely inappropriate since we are expecting already and not just thinking about adding a baby to our lives....for example I am pretty sure there is a rule against pregnant women skydiving or bungee jumping. And many of the items that I haven't yet done are luckily also items that I don't really have any interest in! But there was one item in particular that had me wishing I had seen this list before I made my 2012 list!

# 9: Spend an entire day in bed together watching movies??...Ummm, yes please!!!

When are we ever going to be able to do this again? Never!! I must make an amendment to my list!! Is that allowed?? Well, I made I can change it right!?! So, since I was starting to feel depressed about the idea of going to Whistler without being able to snowboard and we already have another weekend getaway to Seattle planned are being replaced! Can't wait for a rainy day to snuggle up with my hubby and have a luxurious, uninterrupted day of watching movies and snacking on popcorn. Perfection :) 
♥ Lindsay


  1. That is an awesome amendment to the list. That is one of the things my husband and I miss from our child free days. Enjoy!

    1. Oh is nice to know that people with kids agree that this is something that I should do before baby. It felt a little over-indulgent (and perhaps a touch lazy) when I added it, but now I am so glad it is on the list and I will enjoy every minute of it!!