Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seattle Shopping Getaway

They say that the second trimester of pregnancy is where you feel your best and therefore it's the perfect time for one last mini-getaway with your spouse before baby! Although it would have been nice to escape to somewhere tropical, we were limited by time and we opted for a mini road trip to the America version of Vancouver. I don't know about you, but the perfect getaway for me has nothing to do with distance travelled and more to do with what you do when you get there. With Ty doing his masters and the craziness in our schedules right now, what we really needed from this Seattle weekend was some quality time together! It was so nice to have a change in scenery, to be able to do whatever we wanted, not have to cook or clean....and of course throw in a little shopping and I am a happy girl! So that is what we did.....

We ate.
From my first breakfast in bed room service experience (so luxurious) to my guilty pleasure the Olive Garden and Tyler's guilty pleasure The Cheesecake Factory....
food was a big part of the weekend. 
I also have been on a bit of a lemonade kick lately (craving perhaps?) so I think I probably drank my weight in lemonade of all forms....plain, raspberry, name it, I drank it. Yum! We even got to try out the famous Top Pot Donuts (Obama has eaten there...FYI) where I had the most delicious blueberry donut ever! 
So let's just say....we ate well in Seattle :)

We relaxed.
Since we don't have a television in our bedroom at home, one of the biggest treats for me when I stay in a hotel is being able to watch TV in bed! There is nothing like a cozy hotel bed for snuggling up and watching a movie before going to sleep or lounging in bed longer than I should with a coffee in hand and The Price is Right on the television. It's the little things....right?

We shopped.
It was President's Day Weekend, so between the fabulous sales and our trip to the Premium Outlets I had to really use my self control to stay within our maximum allowance of what we could bring back into Canada without paying duty. Let me tell you, the only thing that held me back from spending hundreds of dollars on baby items was my severe anxiety of crossing the border. Buy one suit at 50% off and get the second one free? Take an additional 55% off the already ridiculously low clearance priced items? I mean really....we just don't have sales like that in Canada! I could have literally outfitted our baby in Carter's gear for the first year of her life for a few hundred dollars. But, alas I am too much of a scaredy-cat to lie to the border agent (I mean really...they are government employees....who knows what they could do to me!!), so I came home with a small fraction of what I wanted to..... but still $250 worth of Carter's baby items for only $60 is pretty darn good!!  

Overall...a fabulous weekend getaway in Seattle with the hubby( #11 ✓)!
♥ Lindsay

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  1. Sounds like a great getaway! You can't go wrong with eating and shopping though!