Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just in the nick of time...

Movie Night!

tt1720616.jpgThank goodness we didn't wait much longer to cross this item off the list!! I am starting to get more uncomfortable sitting in one position...and I was shifting around a lot near the end of the movie. I also had to get the smaller drink, so I didn't have to pee every five minutes and miss the movie. With a few minor adjustments though this movie was the perfect opportunity for a date night with the hubby and our 'friends with kids' Kate and Beau! I must admit that the movie poster did scare me a I really have to sacrifice love or happiness when we have this baby? Yikes?!? But luckily the movie ended up being a really cute (albeit a little sappy) movie about the ups and downs of parenthood....really just a fitting movie for where we are at in life!                                            #15 Movie Date Night with the hubby ✓
♥ Lindsay

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