Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby's first concert

Much to Tyler's dismay I think the baby likes country! I consider myself to be a fan of all kinds of music. Pretty much anything that inspires me, fits my mood of the moment or makes me feel like dancing.....I am into it. I love live music and have been to tons of concerts and music festivals over the years, but I realized that I have never been to a country when I heard Lady Antebellum was coming to town, I was sold! Gotta take advantage of my freedom while I can right? It's not that I think that life ends after baby comes along and sure plenty of people attend live shows with their babies but the way I see it is.... never again will it be so easy to bring baby to a concert ;) Other than kicking my bladder and making me have to pee every 30 minutes, the baby was no trouble at all and let me tell you....if kicking is any indicator, she is going to be a country fan for sure. Sorry Ty!

Great concert, great girls night out!!

♥ Lindsay


  1. Did I miss a post that told us that she was a "she"???

    1. Nope you didn't miss it!! I guess I forgot to do one....haha. Maybe it's because I am still a bit skeptical because ultrasounds aren't 100% accurate!! I am trying to take it easy on the pink, frilly things until she actually comes out a girl :) Just a couple months left!