Saturday, June 23, 2012

40 weeks + 4 you think the baby saw my unfinished before baby list?

As much as I have been keeping busy with crafting, yoga, shopping and watching an embarrassing number of Gilmore Girl episodes (and yes, we did go for delicious waffles again at Patisserie Lebeau.....and yes, they are still as delicious as ever) I must admit that since my due date has come and gone with no baby yet..... I am getting pretty anxious. I keep telling myself that this is normal....and really 'due date' is kind of a misnomer anyway....I think it should be called 'guess date' or 'due month'. I must admit I have tried a few of the labour inducing recommendations that can be found all over the internet and everyone knows the internet is always right (haha), but let's be honest....I am pretty sure that these lists just give women something to do while waiting to feel like they are in control of something that they actually have no control over! I have also read some interesting things about releasing fears or blocks that are preventing women from feeling truly ready for baby (either consciously or subconsciously) and I can't help but the baby waiting for me to finish my list? It is called 'things to do before baby' after all, so maybe she is timing her arrival for when I check off those last two items? Interesting So tonight I will be crocheting my little heart out to finish that blanket and tomorrow Ty and I will head to the Museum of Anthropology to use our free passes and if my theory is will arrive shortly after. Ok, so maybe this is wishful thinking and really just gives me a few more things to keep me busy during this ultimate waiting game but hey it can't hurt right? 

♥ Lindsay


  1. I keep checking in to see if you have had your baby yet! hope it comes very soon :)

  2. The waiting game is soooo hard! Anya was two weeks late and on the day they were going to induce they called me and said the hospital was too busy and I had to wait until the next day...and I cried. Enjoy the waiting time though, watch movies, sleep, go eat out. :)