Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Return of the sunshine!

Dear Vancouver weather Gods....thank you for the sunshine finally! It is officially summer and I am glad to see you are finally acting like it! Although the last few weeks of some very...ahem....un-June-like weather (to put it nicely) has given me the perfect chance to do peruse my favorite DIY blogs and do some fabulous crafty crafts......

My friend Jillian recently started a new blog and her first post was a tutorial for making this bracelet. It is super easy to follow, so check it out! It takes longer than I thought, but her suggestion to do it while watching the Bachelorette makes it much more enjoyable ;) I might even make another one during next weeks episode....if baby hasn't arrived that is! PS: Bachelorette Fans....can you believe what is going down next week?Poor Emily can not catch a break! Arie was my fave!!! Now who can I root for?

So apparently the 'must-have' baby toy (for reasons still unknown to me) is the Sophie the Giraffe squeaky toy. To me it seems more like a dogs chew toy....but I guess babies also like to chew on things too so now that I think about it does makes sense. Either way I have one and they aren't according to all the parenting blogs I must protect it with my life! Dramatic? Maybe so, but like I said babies LOVE these things so to avoid any potential devastation the 'must-have' Sophie accessory is a Sophie leash to tether Sophie to the stroller or car seat. They carry these in various baby stores, but they are charging $12!! Can you believe it? $12?! With scrap fabric and two snaps, I figure I could make one for practically free. So I did. in fact I made 3. With the mark up on these things I could make some serious profit....hmmmm maybe I should start selling them?

And finally I came across this tutorial for the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf on Hammers and High Heels. I love this scarf but I was having a hard time rationalizing the cost.....I mean, it's $50 for a piece of fabric with some snaps on it? Really? So I googled DIY vinyasa scarf and voila....someone else had the same thought. Check out her site for how to make the scarf and the TON of different ways you can wear it! As I expected it was super easy to make and since I got a fabulous deal on fabric and snaps at Dressew (fabric for 3 scarves was under $20 including 1.5 yards of actual lululemon bamboo fabric and the snaps were on sale for .25¢ for a pack of 10 with the fastener) I was able to make 3 scarves for half the price of a Lululemon one! 

......It was even better to finally get out of the house for a nice long walk. 
Hello sunshine. Welcome back!
♥ Lindsay

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  1. Love your scarf, I came over here after reading your comments on the Hammers and Heels blog. Very cute! You said you bought Lululemon fabric at Dressew? I will need to get some because None of my knit fabric feels as good as the Lululemon fabric.Great blog!