Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life lessons from FRIENDS (yes, the tv show....just to clarify)

Many people have warned me that although at first maternity leave seems fabulous (no work, few responsibilities and of course some much needed relaxation before the big life changing event that is forthcoming)....inevitably boredom ensues, especially when the due date comes and goes without the arrival of baby! Given I am only a week and a bit into my maternity leave and my due date is still a week away, I must say I am quite enjoying my time off so far. I think I have found the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity thanks to a little life lesson I learned from FRIENDS. Remember the one where Ross goes on sabbatical and he is bored by the second day because he finished his entire to-do list on the first day? Then comes advice from the out of work actor....you can't jam a week's worth of activities into one day....you gotta spread it out a little! So I have a big list of crafts, errands and other activities to choose from and I take 3 things from that list per day. Throw in a morning coffee with the 'Gilmore Girls', perhaps a 'How I met your Mother' episode with lunch, an afternoon nap and..... voila; the perfect day. So far, so good.....but ask me how I feel on day 21 if I am still waiting for baby in order to get a true test of my formula! 

♥ Lindsay

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