Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I can't believe a week has gone by and it's Tuesday already! Well you know what that means....it's Grati-tuesday again.

1. My husband has been a very popular guy lately, there have been weddings, bachelor party weekends, golf tournaments and what else?...oh ya....work! He sure has been busy, so I was so happy to have some family time this past weekend. 

2. Just 1 month from today Alexis and I will be hanging out with my bestie and her daughter in Vancouver!!! So excited to have her visit and meet Alexis :) Love you Er!!!

3. Alexis and I love our walks these days, but although she is great company and I enjoy hearing her little singing voice as we be-bop around the city, it's always nice to have adult company. I am so happy that my friend Jill took time out of her crazy busy school schedule for a walk with us :)

4. Ok so this one is a little bit materialistic but I don't care....there is no rule saying that you can't be grateful for things on Grati-tuesdays! I found a fabulous pair of Nine West nude pumps that I have been lusting after for months for 50% off!! Now all I need is somewhere to wear them....

5. I just gotta say....it's so much easier to blog without a baby on your lap, so I am pretty grateful for this moment right now! Blogging with Alexis BESIDE me on her playmat and not on top of me squirming and hitting the keyboard at her leisure. 

♥ Lindsay

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