Friday, September 21, 2012

They have WHAT kind of ice cream?!?

This month in Vancouver we have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather and so for our September family date we decided to go for a walk along the seawall for ice cream. Now I am not sure how far the walk is, but I am pretty sure it's enough to work off the calories in the ice cream....well that's what I tell myself anyway! Now, when I was pregnant I really didn't have many cravings....I was obsessed with lemonade but nothing weird like pickles and ice cream. If I did though, Mario's would be the place to go! They have different flavours every time I go and most times I am not adventurous enough to get a full cone, but I always love to get a taster spoon or two of red bean, garlic, black pepper or lavender just  out of curiosity. In the end I usually get my standby; two scoop waffle with chocolate peanut butter and orange creamsicle or if I am feeling 'healthier' I get a dairy free fruity sorbet....they have such yummy flavours like passionfruit, kiwi, watermelon etc. 
I thought I had seen every flavour imaginable, however this time, I was kind of shocked by one particular flavour they had available. It actually made me think about how much our world has changed since I was a kid. I am sure I would have never heard this conversation when I was getting ice cream with my parents at five years old.....
Mother: "Did you decide what kind of ice cream you want?" 
5 year old child: "Yep....I want the blue one"
 ~The mom looks at the one the child is pointing at, does a double take and says....~
Mother: "No, you can't have that one. That's for adults only....let's pick one from over here"  
I don't know about any of you, but when I was a kid, blue ice cream was bubble know the one with the cold hard gumballs in it that kept their flavour for 2.3 seconds. Well apparently times have changed because nowadays blue ice cream is Viagra flavored. WHAT?!? Yep, that's right....the little blue pill now has it's very own ice cream flavour. I am not a prude or anything....actually I think it's kind of funny, but it also made me realize that it is a very different world that my little girl will be growing up in, that's for sure! I am looking forward to when Alexis can enjoy ice cream with us and not just look at her parents longingly as we eat it in front of her, however, I am not looking forward to explaining to her why she can't have the blue ice cream! Yikes.....I don't want to think about it!
So for now, I choose to focus on how much she loves her walks, cooing to her mommy and daddy along the way and observing the world around her.

 Since it was an evening walk, we were able to go sans sun cover so Alexis could enjoy the scenery along the way.....

 but of course she fell asleep on the way home!

The scenery was beautiful and the ice cream was delicious as always....all-in-all a great family date night! 
♥ Lindsay

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