Monday, April 22, 2013

Family date night

I am sure you all know I love a good deal....but there is no better deal than FREE, so I have been super excited to get Alexis to as many events as possible while she's under 2 (aka free admission). So obviously I was stoked when the hubby came home with two free Canucks tickets! We had a slight hesitation before deciding to bring Alexis. I was worried about her ability to sit in our laps for that long. Now that she can crawl and stand....would she really be ok just being held for 2 plus hours? In the end we decided that now was the time, because if we had to leave early it's not like we were out any money because the tickets were free! It's the perfect opportunity to give it a try and take her to her first Canucks game. So we bought her a Canucks shirt for $10 and went in with an open mind, knowing that it was entirely possible that she may not last past the first period....but thinking it was definitely worth a try. I am so glad we went. She was such a little rock star. Clapping when they scored....cheering with the other fans and just generally loving the excitement of the game. I am not going to lie....around the third period, she did get a little bored.....but nothing an empty water bottle wouldn't fix (I swear I have no idea why we buy toys for children when random household items are what they prefer anyway). 
Now I know she'll probably never remember it, but we had so much fun watching her react to everything going on around her while cheering and clapping her little heart out. 
It was such a great family night out! Here are a few photos of her first Canucks game: 
♥ Lindsay

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