Friday, April 19, 2013

Longer out than in...and a few of our favourite things

If you've been wondering what we do all are a few of our favourite things lately:

Unloading and loading our bookshelf has been a big part of our daily routine. Over and over and over again. Then when Alexis tires of that.... she hands me a book pats it and looks at me longingly. So we read it. Then I put it down. She picks it back up hands it to me and signs 'more'. How can I say no?!?
And so, we read it again. And again. And again. Until she hands me another book and we read that one. She has also started to read the books on her own and I sometimes hear her 'talking' as she reads or doing the things that we do when we read together like kiss the puppies noses in her puppy book, or stick out her tongue like the cat in her cat book. I mean cute is that?!? Bottom line is....she loves her books!!

Our new place has a window with a ledge that sits at a perfect height for Alexis to stand and look out. She stands there and sings or talks about whatever her little heart desires. She points at the birds that fly by and says 'bir' (does that count as her first word?!?). Recently she has started pointing at random things and saying 'wassat''s so cute it melts my heart! 

We try to get out of the house everyday....either to go to the swings or walk along the seawall. I can tell she loves these outings because the girl sings the entire way as she waves to everyone she sees! I get so many comments from passersby about how 'someone is happy' or 'what a pretty little voice she has'. I wish I could get it on video but I swear she has a sixth sense because whenever i take my phone out and get it ready she stops then I put it away and she starts again. You get the picture. So I haven't gotten it yet....gotta keep trying! 

Also we have passed a fairly big of April 11th Alexis has officially been longer out than in. Yes that's right friends, I got bored the other day and calculated her age in weeks and discovered she is 41 weeks old.....which is as long as she was cozied up in her mama's belly! 

This revelation got me feeling a little reflective on how far we've come. Now don't get me wrong I have loved every stage and tried to be as present as I can through the sleep deprivation and hormones etc, but I have to admit that 9 months seems to be the most fun so far. Alexis is communicating more and more every day. We are teaching her sign language ( I think we are up to 8 or 9 signs that she can do and understand) but she also adds her own flair with hand gestures that may not necessarily be by the book, but they certainly get her point across.  She's such a happy baby (most of the time)....which makes me a pretty lucky mama! She brings out the silly side in me because everything I do is funny....and it's so much fun to make her laugh. She thinks it's hilarious when I put her bunny slippers on her monkey and gets that good baby belly laugh when I blow raspberries on her neck (or she returns the favour for that matter). It's the little things. Overall she's a pretty awesome baby.  I'll have to remember this next time she wakes up ready to play at 4am or when we are in the midst of the next round of teething. 

♥ Lindsay

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