Friday, April 19, 2013

This is the new normal

So you may have noticed I have been MIA for the past few months. What's new, you ask? Well in short; A LOT!! Our lives have been filled with painting, packing, decorating....and all that comes with moving. Add to this a nutso work schedule for the hubby, a baby to take care of and to top it all off a 5 day taste of life as a single mom (much love and respect to all you single mommas out there) while Ty was away in Mexico for a Bachelor party. Let me tell you at the end of it all I could have slept for a that I think about it...a week long nap still sounds pretty good! We are now in our new house which means a new layout to get used to and  learning how to use a whole new set of appliances. A new neighbourhood which means new routines, new parks, baby groups, and of course a new starbucks.....that's a lot of 'new' for this creature of habit!
 The other gamechanger moment in our lives came on February 4th when baby girl learned to crawl.....and she hasn't stopped moving since. Not only is she crawling.....but also pulling up and cruising on anything she could get her little hands on. She is still trying to figure out what will hold her and what will buckle under her weight, so I anticipate a few bumps and bruises as she tests her limits! Now don't get me wrong, I am so proud of my sweet girl, but must admit I secretly wished she would have waited until after the move to get mobile. I would have gotten things done a lot faster if I wasn't constantly having to pull her off of teetering stacks of boxes or repack boxes that she so 'helpfully' unpacked as soon as I turned my back. It was a challenging few months and I just couldn't wait for things to get back to normal! Time just kept flying by and for awhile I fell into the trap of 'if I can just get past this, then I will be able to get back to doing the things I enjoy'.....then something else would happen to throw me off again. Like finally getting all the boxes unpacked and feeling like I could get some time to relax and having the washer not working, the dishwasher leak and having a week of dealing with repair men visiting and restoration fans and dehumidifiers going 24/7.....which in turn threw off Alexis' sleep schedule BIG time (she couldn't possibly sleep and miss watching the plumber repair our supply line to the dishwasher.....that's exciting stuff, don't ya know?!?). 
"Uggghh....there just always seems to be something that throws off my routine. It's so frustrating! I just want things back to normal" I said to Ty last night. 
His reply was something like this...."Of course there is always something. That's life. Things are constantly changing, there is no 'back to normal', you just have to deal with what comes your way and adapt. Then it will change again and that's ok, you figured it out before and you will do it again"
Sigh.....there's a reason I love this man. So rational....especially in moments when I am SO not rational! 
He helped me come to a huge realisation;

This is normal, this is life and we are living the new normal. 
So I need to adjust expectations and adapt to these changes. Rather than giving up on doing the things I love and miss...I have to find time to fit them in! So I am starting here, with a blog post that I may not be able to write start to finish in one sitting with no interruptions like I used to, but hey....that's what the save button is for right?!? Just because I can't finish a blog in one sitting doesn't mean I should avoid doing it altogether! So it may take me a week, or I may luck out and be able to finish in one naptime....who knows?! But, as all things do.... it will get done. And finding balance in life will always be challenging, but all I can do its try my best and remember at the end of the day how lucky I am to see this smiling face every day!
♥ Lindsay
(For the record; this didn't take me a week, or one naptime. It was somewhere right in the middle....and that's just fine!)

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