Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey....I can make that!!

What do you do when you fall in love with a discontinued item? Make it yourself!!
I saw this adorable Amy Coe canvas for a baby nursery and thought it was such a fabulous way to decorate a baby's space without being too 'frou-frou' or 'babyish'...if you know what I mean. 
Love it....gotta have it! Where can I find it? it turns out, it was discontinued!
Don't you hate that? It made me want it even more!! 

 I checked all the auction websites and googled obsessively until I could google no more. I was almost ready to give up on it....then I realized..."Hey! I can make that!!" 

So I did. And it was practically free! I had an old canvas under my bed and the leftover paint from the last item I fell in love with and decided to make myself (Sugarboo Designs pillow project).... then all I needed was to find the right font to print off and transfer somehow onto the canvas! Here's how I did it:

Step 1- Print off the outline only of the letters you need in the size you need (in this case I printed off 1 letter per page)

Step 2- Cut out carefully using scissors and exacto knife for the inside pieces

Step 3- Lay out the letters on the white canvas and secure them with tape once you are happy with the layout

Step 4- Using a sponge paint over the whole canvas with your chosen paint colour. This is kind of like a reverse stencil. So the area around the letters will be painted but the shape of the letter will remain raw canvas

Step 5- peel off the paper letters and Voila! you have your fabulous 'PEACE LOVE BABY' canvas!

(Optional)Step 6- With a small brush I added in the little specks within the letters by hand. I tried to match them as closely as possible to the original....not perfect, but not too shabby either!

 And here it is displayed on our wall above the baby's dresser    

(side note: this dresser is the  next project for hubby and's not in bad shape but needs a little freshening up. Can't wait to get it painted with some new hardware and cute drawer liners. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!)

Cute right?!

♥ Lindsay


  1. Do you happen to remember the font?

    1. Ok I am obviously terrible at noticing comments and just saw sorry!!! The font is 'impact'. Hopefully this is still helpful even though it's a month later.