Wednesday, January 25, 2012 5 books....what was I thinking??

Ok so I just realized that I have less than 5 months before baby.....which means just 5 more months of luxurious, uninterrupted reading time!! 5 non-baby related books in 5 problem right?!? After all, I did read a book a month last year as part of my no-shopping project. I love it shouldn't feel like a chore but I guess it may have slipped my mind that there are a few slight differences this year.... not only am I working full time but I also have millions of other things left to do to prepare for baby!?! Not to mention the fact that I also have these 7 books (that my fabulous Mom friends have so graciously lent me...thank you ladies) to read along the way too!! 

Although at this moment I may have lost sight of why I thought this list item was a good idea, I am sure I will appreciate it when I am sleep-deprived and the only books I am reading are of the children's variety (not that I mind, because I kind of love *kids books....I think all elementary teachers do)! Since last year I didn't buy any books and I finished reading all the books on my shelf that I hadn't yet read, I thought it might be nice to reward myself with a few new books for this list item. I got 2 new books in my stocking for Christmas, so that left 3 spots in my '5 books in 5 months' project. So I headed to Chapters, gift card in hand (Thanks Josh and Robyn) to find 3 more books to get me excited about list item #4. 
Here is the final list.....
I am officially ready to go and enjoy my last few months of relaxing, reading time!

*Side note: speaking of kids books there was a tiny impulse buy that I couldn't resist....this adorable boardbook is too cute!! It's never too soon to start (or in my case...add to) baby's first library right?

♥ Lindsay

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