Friday, October 5, 2012

#17 Photo Fun

I have always been a photo junkie and I love capturing every moment on film....or I guess these days I should say on file?!? I must have inherited this from my mom because I have tons of albums chronicling my entire life; starting with the ones my mom put together for me then continuing them myself from the moment I got my hands on a camera. For some occasions like our wedding, our honeymoon and our west coast road trip, I give a little extra special treatment with an individual scrapbook documenting each experience. These handmade scrapbooks have since transitioned to digital photobooks....which I must admit I am kind of obsessed with!! So obviously my first thought when we found out we were having a baby can I create a fabulous photobook documenting her first year?!? Ok....maybe it wasn't my first thought, but it did get me excited and motivated to learn more about photography. Knowing that the one thing that everyone tells you about having a baby is to enjoy it, because it flies by sooo fast, I wanted to be sure to capture all the right details and moments so I can preserve the memories forever in my photobook of baby's first year. Well apparently I am not the only one because there is a book called "Your baby in pictures: The new parents guide to photographing your baby's first year" by Me Ra Koh. And lucky me, this book ended up in my stocking last Christmas....thank you santa :) It might as well be called "Baby Photography for Dummies" because it is so detailed and well-organized that you can't help but take great pictures. There are how-to guides, tips and tricks for different photo scenarios, troubleshooting guides that show what settings to use for specific lighting etc. But my favorite part is that it is organized in ages and stages and each chapter gives detailed instructions of not only what to take pictures of during each stage but when to take it and how to prep, compose and capture each moment! The first chapter is 0-3 months and it has things I had never thought of from the 'fleeting hair swirl' that only lasts a week or two to the tiny features that don't stay tiny for long like the hands, feet, lips, yawns and cries. I can't believe I am already in chapter two and I am starting to capture the moments in the 3-6 months like tummy time and peekaboo. This book has me on track to have a quality photobook that chronicles Alexis' first year; from her first breath, and first cry to her 'smash the cake' session on her first birthday. And no, I am not receiving royalties for plugging this book in my blog, I just really love it!!
It has taught me a lot about photography and I have been taking tons of photos, so I think it is safe to say that I can check off list item #17!

#17 Learn more about photography and take lots of photos ✓

From tiny feet, newborn  and varying hairstyles (my fave is the faux-hawk) to story time with Daddy, first conversation with Sophie and her ever changing favorite pastimes like feet clapping, tummy time and bubble blowing, I tried to capture all the moments I want to remember forever. 
Peaceful and sleeping or awake and screaming...... gotta love those chubby cheeks, funny faces and of course those baby blues! 
Here are some of my faves from Alexis' first 3 months in pictures: 

♥ Lindsay

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  1. She is SO cute :) Love the photos, good job!!