Friday, January 14, 2011

Danger....Target is coming to Canada!

Well friends.....I am about to face my ultimate temptation.....Target is coming to Canada! ( Normally, I would be excited about an announcement like this! For so long Canadians were deprived of little gems like Old Navy, Payless Shoes, Forever XXI, H&M and Victoria Secret, but now I couldn't imagine life without them. Well maybe that is a little dramatic....but let's just say I celebrated their move to Canadian soil and have enjoyed being able to access them without crossing the border (who wants to sweat it out in your car as you are grilled about how much money you spent and what you are bringing back?). But Target....that is the one store that I always hoped would come to Canada. Sure we have Zellers and Wal-Mart, but you don't see Zac Posen, Karl Lagerfeld or Justin Timberlake designing lines for those discount stores. Oh and these boots......where else can you get a great pair of boots like this in Canada for less than $50???

I saw these on my J Project Friend Justine's post about her first retail shopping expedition in a year....and where did she go? Target of course.
I fell in love at first sight with these boots but I felt safe with the border as a buffer between us.....but now....danger!  Friends, that buffer is no longer. But hey, business deals take awhile to solidify so it will probably be 2012 by the time the stores actually open in Vancouver....right? Think positive :)


  1. Think positive! The first month is the toughest! Does it help you to know that all of us J Project girls have realized that after a year of not shopping new we are now not very happy when shopping retail. We realize it just sets us up for disappointment.
    Anyhow, Target is the home of my newest addition to my wardrobe...the perfect black skirt, so we aren't completely hating retail :-)

  2. Lindz, You have officially proven to Ty that you can do this. It will be easier and easier and you know less and less about what is actually new in those stores. And to relieve your Target nerves, I will let you in on a little secret. It won't be the same up here as it is in the states. Think about Payless, the shoes here are not as cheap. Think about Wal-Mart, not as cheap here. The same goes for anything that has landed on Canadian soil. See, you'll be fine!

  3. Good to know that the first month is the hardest Jessica! I will try and focus on the times I have had buyers remorse, and really do I need a 10th pair of boots? Probably not :)

    Good call is never quite the same up here....never quite as cheap and the selection is often sub-par. I WILL be fine!! :)

  4. Lindsay, if it makes you feel any better at all I resisted the urge to buy those boots cause I don't really need them either! I nicknamed 2010 "My Year without Target" though I did go a few times to buy necessities and "window shop" - which I don't recommend...too tempting!

  5. Don't worry.. the official date is 2013 :)