Monday, January 3, 2011

So good!

It is already day 3 of my yearlong challenge and I am just getting the blog up and running. I guess I have already replaced my shopping habit with my new blogging habit! I have been fiddling with the fonts, colours and various designs for hours now and my perfectionism is rearing it's ugly head.....gotta find just the right photo and just the right colour font to match the background (but not too matchy-matchy)...yes folks this is the stuff that goes through my head. If I can commit to a template and get blogging I think this will be a perfect venue to flex my creative writing muscle, chart my progress in the shopping challenge and record my thoughts as I focus on living and loving my life!

You may be wondering how living a happy life is related to not shopping? Especially if you are a fellow shopping-lover like me.....soooo let me give a little explanation.

For me the motivation is not anti-consumerist in nature but instead stems from the need to focus on being grateful for everything I have in life instead of lusting after things that I don't. I have a loving husband, great friends and a wonderful family....I have a job, two degrees, a car, a roof over my head, a closet full of clothes (stay tuned for a wake-up call inducing inventory in a future blog), yet when I see a cute dress or jacket on a girl in the streets or on tv I get an (almost) uncontrollable urge to find that item and BUY it  immediately. Don't even get me started on the amount of clothing, shoes and accessories that I purchased following Jillian Harris' season of the Bachelorette. Apparently I am easily influenced AND a shopaholic, but you have to admit that girl has style! I certainly don't plan on sacrificing any style this year, it just might take a little more creativity and thought than my previous copycat routine.

My second motivation for taking on this challenge is to help me find balance in my life by spending money on experiences rather than things. I am ashamed to admit that I have been known to turn down drinks with my girlfriends due to lack of funds, and shortly after you will find me spending $400 on boots. This scenario has also happened in reverse.....but that fact does not make it any more acceptable. I have always known that experiences and people are so much more important than material things, but it seems that my actions are not reflecting that! I came across a quote a few years ago that sums this up quite nicely:

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony" Ghandi

I think it is about time to get my thoughts and actions in harmony, spend more time with the people that matter in my life and make more of an effort to do something I love everyday because there is one thing I know for sure.... we only have one life to love.

This next year will be a fun challenge and I think I am up to the task. I am excited to see where this year without shopping will take me and I hope that at the end of 2011 I am a happier, more enlightened and more balanced me! If nothing else my wallet will be a whole lot fuller. So here goes nothin'....wish me luck or place your bets on when I will cave (so far I have very few believers). I am just taking it one day at a time and with three days under my far so good.

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  1. This is Juli from the "J Project" After just completing our year of not spending I have full confidence you have it in you! I think the key is to keep busy with other activities and don't put yourself in temptations way. Also learn how to bend the rules :) I look forward to reading your stories.