Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embracing Stain Remover

It is almost the end of the first month (yay.....1/12 of the way through) and I decided to count how many things I have actually worn in my closet so far. Only 32 hangers were turned around.....which means that aside from shoes and accessories I have only been wearing about 7% of my wardrobe! As I was looking through the items I have not worn yet, I asked myself why? Obviously there were a few seasonal limitations, and some were due to poor fit (which I am working on) but I have to admit that some things remain in my closet because....... they are too nice and I don't want to wreck them! Can anyone relate? I have a tendency to 'save' my nice clothes for a fancy occasion (that I still seem to be waiting for) and wear the same 10 pieces to work everyday! I know this seems crazy because I spend majority of my life at work so I should be wearing what I love and feel good in, but instead I have ended up spending most of my time wearing the old standbys; leggings, jeans, yoga pants, tees and hoodies! Clothing is meant to be worn and I have been guilty of neglecting.....well.....93% of my wardrobe....for what? The fear of rips and stains? Well I do work with children who are known for being unpredictable and messy so this is a very real fear, not to mention the fact that I can be a huge klutz sometimes. I try to wear nice things but the other day when I wore a white shirt to work I spilled blueberry smoothie down the front of it, and two weeks ago I dripped papier mache goop all over my jeans. Between the nature of my job and my klutzy ways I have managed to stain quite a few of my favorite pieces, so it is no wonder why I try and shelter my beautiful things from meeting the same fate. Then......the other day everything changed! I was watching the Nate Berkus Show and there was a mother of 6 who lives on a farm in the U.S. somewhere and get this......her whole house is white. White couches, white pillows, white walls, white everything! Can you believe it? 6 kids, farm living and a beautiful white house.....what is her secret? Stain remover! She explains that almost all stains can be removed using various methods depending on the material and nature of the stain. So what have I been so afraid of? Armed with this new outlook, there is nothing to fear. We spend a good portion of our hard earned money on our wardrobe so of course we don't want wear it just to ruin it, but what a waste of money that is if we don't wear it at all.
So I say.....bring out the good stuff and bring on the stain remover!

What I would normally wear to work.....

Out of my comfort zone......facing my fear of stains
Last week I put those old standbys aside and replaced them with an option I wouldn't normally wear to work for fear of ruining it.....and guess what? It wasn't so hard.....I might even do it again :)

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