Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I should have bought black flats.....

When I first started thinking about doing this project back in November I was super-motivated and excited for what the next year may bring... but in the last few days of 2010 I started to panic and wonder "Can I really do this?" The initial inspiration for this challenge came from three sisters who committed to buy nothing new in 2010. The J project sisters bought only used items for their entire family, for the entire year....I can't believe they were able to pull it off with kids at home and all! For my challenge, I decided to personalize it because I just have WAY too many clothes and I really think I can last the year without buying anything at or used. Despite this fact, in the days leading up to my impending doom...errr I mean...challenge, I still felt the need to go on a mini shopping spree to get my fix for the year. I couldn't help but wonder if the J Project girls did the same thing? After checking the blog I was relieved to find that they had........phew I am normal.
Here are the results of my December 31st, 2010 shopping trip (some practical and some just plain frivolous, but hey it was my last new clothing for A YEAR okay?):

  • EMU Boots (I have always wanted them and they were on sale.....*sigh I am going to miss sales)
  • Topsiders (so cute and comfy....also on sale)
  • New comfy hoodie (Might keep this one aside to bring out in a few months and BAM new hoodie without shopping!)
  • Two toques (What can I say? I live in Canada and I can't resist a cute toque...or two)
  • Belt 
  • Bright fun long sleeved t-shirt (Completely unnecessary and unneeded. No excuse for this one)
  • Black leggings (Totally practical...the old ones were wearing thin)
  • Sorel Winter boots (Vancouver is supposed to have a snowy January/February this year and I could not be left unprepared)
  • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (I wanted to read it, but because it was Oprah's book club book there are like 1000 holds on it at the library. At that rate I could read it in 2012, but I want to read it in 2011, so I bought it)
So not a bad haul right? That's what I thought....then I skipped ahead a year in my mind. I will probably get another shopping spree in January 2012 right? Is it too early to think about that? Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a little something to look forward to....I bet the J sisters went shopping for sure! I wonder what they missed buying the most? So I checked it out to see what they bought. Then, I felt panic for the first (and probably not the last) time this year. flats....I totally should have bought black flats. 


  1. What's "topsiders"? Also, have you thought about throwing a clothing swap party? You can do that sometime in the year, when you're itching for something new. I went to one once and came away with a new, almost never worn lulu hoodie!

  2. I am still amazed that we inspired you!! I think we might have to have you as a guest blogger :) It was a really good idea to get shop shopping out of your system before the year began, and we totally did that! We also slowly but surely brought out those new items and it was like a gift to ourselves! The hard part is planning for all the seasons ahead, but you can do it! I would recommend hosting a clothing swap at some point so then you can trade clothes with your buddies! Keep up the good work...360 days to go!

  3. Eliza Jane- topsiders are the shoes on the couch in the pic....they are also called deck shoes because they are considered "sailing" style shoes.

    Juli- I have heard about the clothing swap and I have been to one before, so I will for sure be hosting at least one of those this year! I would love to write a guest post on the J Project blog...I am flattered at the offer! Being a first-time blogger, I am still getting used to all the details like how to respond to comments and how links, followers etc work, but if you let me know how I would be happy to do it! One of the things I am looking forward to about this challenge is learning about blogging but also connecting with other people around the world and hopefully paying forward some inspiration for what I hope will be a rewarding year!
    Thanks for the tips and encouragement.....1 day at a time....359 to go :)

  4. Justine here from the J Project! I'm so happy we inspired you to take on this challenge. You will learn alot about yourself this year. Can't wait to follow your adventure!

  5. I tucked away a few items that I bought and pulled them out mid-year. It really was a treat to have something "new" to treat yourself with. You're going to do great.