Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Dates of Christmas

I am a huge fan of the blog Love Taza (just changed from Rockstar Diaries) and that is where I found out about the 12 Dates of Christmas. We decided to modify it a little bit and do family dates rather than coupley dates....the one rule was it had to be under $10 and of course it had to be baby friendly. Thanks to a a random act of kindness we were able to go to a Vancouver Giants game as one of our family dates! I was waiting in line to buy tickets and a lovely gentleman gave me a pair and said his friend couldn't use them so Merry Christmas. That was perfect because honestly I was running short on ideas and with the free tickets we came in under budget, so thank you kind stranger wherever you are!
Here's a little glimpse of what we did.

1. Christmas Tree Farm
2. Make homemade Christmas cards
3. Santa Visit
4. Grounds for Coffee Cinnamon buns and coffee
5. Waffle Party
6. Family trip to winners to buy a few gifts to donate to the CTV Toys for Kids drive (forgot to get a photo)
7. Christmas Tree Decorating and hot apple cider
8. Yummy hot chocolate and drive around to look at lights
9. Christmas craft making (Alexis' first Christmas ornament)
10. Christmas movie and treat night (Elf and peppermint ice cream...yum!)
11. Giants game
12. Take Alexis to see her first snow

I love the idea of this for a tradition because it gives us a chance to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We see it as a time to spend time with family and friends, not necessarily a time to spend money on tons of gifts. It's also a season of spreading love and joy to others, so doing something together as a family to give back to others who may not be as fortunate as we are will always make our list. This year that came in the form of choosing gifts for the toy drive, but in the years to come I would love to be able to help serve a Christmas dinner at a shelter, or collect blankets to donate to the homeless. Really the possibilities are endless and I look forward to continuing this tradition each year!
♥ Lindsay

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