Saturday, December 1, 2012

Touches of Christmas

Is it just me or does Christmas in the retail world get earlier every year? It seems like Halloween is barely over and suddenly there are Christmas tunes in every store, trees and lights on display at every corner....and your favorite Starbucks beverage is now enjoyed in a festive red cup. Now I love the holiday season more than anyone I know, so you would think I would be all for extending it to enjoy for as long as possible, but starting in October is just ridiculous! In our home, the Christmas season doesn't begin until December, but let me tell you..... as soon as December 1st arrives (and not a minute sooner thanks to my stickler of a hubby) our house is filled with the Christmas spirit. As you can imagine November 30th is a busy day for me but this year it was even busier because I decided to make our stockings. So in addition to updating my iPod with a few new Christmas tunes and digging out our holiday decor to display, I also managed to start and finish 3 personalized stockings to hang on our bookshelf with care :) I used this tutorial  and I am so happy with the results!

Side note: Here's how I kept Alexis busy while I was sewing and decorating up a storm. Turns out she loves playing with material....well anything she can pick up really... but particularly she seems to love being able to play with anything that I have my attention on. Laundry, my lunch, a book I am get the point! 
So I used that to my advantage and gave her the two stockings I wasn't working on, while I was sewing the third one. Love the sneaky mom tricks I am learning :) 

I don't have very many Christmas decorations, but luckily I also don't have a very big space to decorate so it doesn't take much to make our little apartment feel festive! You may notice that a Christmas tree is absent from this collage....well that's because I wanted to cut our own tree this year (see list item #25) so I have to wait until Sunday when the hubby is available to come on our family tree cutting date. So excited for that, but until then I have these little touches of Christmas to enjoy! 
♥ Lindsay

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