Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Easier than I thought

I was reviewing my list today because we started solid foods on Christmas day and I wanted to cross off learning how to make baby food from my list! It turns out that it was easier than I thought....really the only tough part was deciding how to introduce solids and let me tell you....there are A LOT of opinions on this matter! After much deliberation and extensive reading (most of which gave conflicting advice) I decided to skip the rice cereal and start Alexis on whole foods. I didn't know whether I was making the right decision, but Ty helped me see that you can do all the research you want but there doesn't seem to be a right or wrong answer! Well I guess it could be argued that some things would be a bad candy as a first food, but in general we realized that this was just yet another lesson in parenting....gotta go with what feels right! So having decided to give Alexis her first 'real' food on Christmas day, the obvious choice for what to make her was some sweet potatoes. So into the baby bullet went some steamed sweet potatoes and breast milk....and voila; Alexis' first meal and # 30 on my list✓ That was easier than I thought! 

Alexis has been lusting after our food for weeks now and reaching for our forks while smacking her to say she was excited to be sitting in her chair with a spoon going towards her mouth is an understatement for sure. 

Once the spoon hit her lips it was a bit of a different story though! Not sure what she thought of the sweet potatoes at first but she is loving them now.

....and has moved on to sweet peas. Yum!!

Speaking of easier than I thought....#28 Start and continue an exercise program to lose the baby weight was not as challenging as I thought it would be when I made this list!  Apparently I am blessed with some pretty good genes because I was at pre -pregnancy weight just a week after Alexis was born. Let's be honest's probably more than the genes that helped me out with that. I am breastfeeding, eating well and getting out everyday for walks so that in combination with some great genes..... I feel pretty lucky that I was able to bounce back so quickly. However the same can't be said about my core's a tough road to rebuild your core after having a c-section! So instead of focussing on weight loss I have really been working on regaining my core strength.....and it's slowly but surely coming back! I still  have a ways to go, but I think I can safely cross off #28 from my list too!
♥ Lindsay

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