Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Waffle Party!!

 One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to go out for brunch. There is just something about waking up late and strolling to one of the many brunch joints in our neighbourhood....then sitting down to enjoy endless cups of coffee and delicious food! These days there is no such thing as sleeping....nevermind sleeping late, so we are often the first customers for 'brunch' (really at that hour, it's just breakfast) and usually Alexis' patience doesn't allow for more than 2 cups of coffee....but it still remains one of my favorite weekend activities. Sometimes though, it's also just as nice to stay in and have people over for brunch, and that's what I decided to do for my birthday this year! We decided to kill two birds with one stone and check off #29 on my on the menu was the most decadent brunch item in my opinion; waffles and whipped cream. I have hosted waffle parties in the past and usually I like to have everyone bring their favorite topping. From the standard butter and syrup to homemade chocolate peanut butter sauce (YUM!) and caramel pecan dessert topping....we've tried it all throughout the years, but my favorite is good old fresh berries and whipped cream (a la Patisserie Lebeau). I decided since it was my birthday....people could eat their waffles the way I like them dammit! Just kidding....we also offered syrup and chocolate sauce :) Add in some mimosas and some really great coffee and we had a yummy waffle feast....#29 Host a waffle party ✔

Everything you need for a successful waffle party.
 The inspiration
The results....not as pretty but I assure you they were just as delicious!
♥ Lindsay

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