Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family fun at the tree farm

This year I really wanted to start a new tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. I wanted it to be a new tradition for our little family to do together every year. This year Alexis obviously didn't really get what we were doing, but she loves getting out in the fresh air and was a little trooper as we weaved throughout the rows and rows of trees. It was definitely difficult to find a tree that Ty and I agreed on. One of us would ask; 'What about this one?' To tall. Not green enough. Too full. Too sparse. Is that one dying? I like the ones with the stiffer needles not the fluffy looking ones (clearly we know nothing about the varying Christmas tree species). Wait, haven't we looked at this one already? No wait....I think it was that one over there. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It was no wonder Alexis fell asleep about an hour into our hunt. I can't even imagine how much longer it will take as we have more opinions to take into consideration! 
Hmmm...perhaps we should give ourselves more time next year. 
All in all it was a successful trip and I am so excited to keep up this tradition in the future.
#25 Cut down our own Christmas Tree ✔
♥ Lindsay

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